A fashionable metal fruit

iMacs by Apple

iMacs by Apple

Search for “orange iMac” on the internet and you will find an array of cool Apple products that are orange. It’s small wonder the brand has dominated and continues to dominate the technology scene.

The technical side of an Apple device attracts most people who purchase it, but the fact that this device is enclosed in a visually appealing cover calls on an entire other sector of the population which may not have been looking to obtain the piece of machine previously.

According to John Maeda in his post on Linkedin, “Design has always been about the substantive and the superficial at the same time. It’s what makes its relationship with technology enigmatic, integral and seductive. Over time, we have seen the two ebb and flow, each taking their turn in the driver’s seat.”

The key to the design aspect versus the technological aspect is for it to develop alongside the technical, to present a product with increased worth and uniqueness in all ways possible. The “look” of an Apple product is also a perfect example of how a device can become part of a person’s identity, changing the way others see this person in a social scene. And yet, the latest models continue to keep up with the latest features that have become a “necessity” of the modern everyday life, making them an indispensible companion.

So how far should these companies go to try to make a piece of technology fashionable? As far as possible, because the days of large old rusty computers and gadgets is over and the 21st century has brought us into a world of fast-paced computerized every-day functions.


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I work for Niche Fashion Technology as the Marketing Coordinator. I am passionate about fashion and the business world.
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